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Everlasting style and elegance

Interior decoration


Granite and quartz countertops are one of the most valuable additions you can make in your home and we are here to make that process as simple as possible.


Granijem provides the best prices and installation service for granite countertops on the North Shore.


We take your vision and ideas and turn them into finely crafted masterpieces.


Granijem is North Shore's homeowners' first choice for quality and affordable natural granite and marble countertops.


Quicker to install and easier to maintain than ceramic tiles, our granite shower base will defitivitely transform your bathroom into a fabulous design statement.


We stand beside you every step of your project from the design stage to material selection right up to the installation.


Granite, quartz and cultured stone are versatile products taht enhance the aesthetic and the functionality of your home:


- fire mantel;

- furniture;

- steps;

- mosaïc;

- floor coverings. 



Granijem emploies the most advanced techniques on the market to deliver the highest quality products for commercial market.


Granijem cares about accuracy and precision to avoid delays, excess fees ans inconsistencies.


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