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Frequent asked questions

What's the difference between granite and quartz?

Granite is a natural stone while quartz is an engeneered material, made of quartz aggregate and resin.

Which one between granite and quartz is more expensive?

It depends which granite and quartz are compared and the complexity of the project.

Which one is more hard wearing?

Both have the same reilience to scraches and shock.

How do you maintain granite countertop?

By cleaning it daily with a soft soap. Your surface needs to be sealed every two years to ensure its waterproofness.

Can food be cut directly on a granite, quartz or Dekton surface?

There will be no problem for your countertop, but your knifes may not last very long!

Is it possible to put a hot pot on a granite, Dekton or quartz surface?

In the case of a granite or Dekton countertop, the answer is yes, but beware that your glass container may burst due to the difference of temperature.

If it's a quartz countertop, you shouldn't put nothing hot on the surface. Heat could cause the resin to change colour permanently.


As granite is a porous stone, it needs to be sealed before use. The sealer we apply before delivery will fill all the pores of your surface and prevent grease and dirt to stain your countertop. We suggest to repeat the application of the sealer every two years. If water doesn't form in droplets on your surfces, you must protect it.
Quartz is a non porous material thanks to the resin in its composition. To maintain your granite and quartz surface, simply use soft soap and water on a daily basis.
There are several other waterbase products available at our store to preserve your countertops' sheen.
Here are different types of products available at Granijem
​Ready to use spray to clean your countertop daily. Safe for marble, granite, quartz, ceramic and other engineering stone. Let the surface perfectly clean with a fresh smell of citrus.
3 in 1 product that cleans, polish and protect your surface.

Best protection on the market, this silicone base protector is a must on all type of natural stone, no matter the finish.
Protect against oil and water stains. Indoor and outdoor use. Cures quickly and doesn't alter the natural appearance of the stone.
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