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Everlasting style and elegance

About us

Donald Bérubé, founder of Granijem, always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for woodwork. He had cherished the idea to craft stone for quite a while. His search for a new business opportunity in the North Shore region led him to make granite countertops, burial monuments and accessories. He was right: the business picked up quite quickly. Granijem was born in 1988 and established in the personal garage of its valiant owner.
From transforming to exploiting

Gradually, the demand justifies the hiring of two additionnal employees and the opening of a commercial factory. 


Believing that his region could benefit from the granite commercial potential, Mr Bérubé acquires in 2002 his own granite quarry (Manic).


The exploitation begins a year later and two other quarries are purchased (Anticosti and Nordic Frost).


At its peak production, 10 full-time employees are part of the team.

Family succession, modernization and standardisation

In 2004, Luc (actual PDG) joins his father to ensure the continued existence of the business and focuses on the technological improvements. Requests are growing and automated equipements are necessary to diversify the products and enhance the efficiency of the company.


Granijem becomes in 2009 the authorized dealer of the world reknown granite Blue Eyes. From prospection, extraction to final production, everything is supervised by the company. Finished products are sold everywhere in Canada and around the world.


Julie Bérubé joins in as well to help his brother Luc to bring the family business even further. With her strong  management competences, acquired out of the province, she brought even more structure from a marketing, customer service and accounting point of vue.

Innovation and progress

To keep up with the trends, Granijem pushes further the innovation by getting etching equipment to personalize burial monuments and architectural signs.


A second building is as well purchased to store granite block and slabs, bringing its overal area to 5000 square-feet.


Granijem currently counts on the expertise of 10 full-time dedicated employees who are more than motivated to push further the success of the company.


New products are soon to be expected and major commercial partnerships will be soon concluded.

Granijem is as well a proud partner of the BNQ 21000 group formed by the Manicouagan-Uapishka Biosphere Reserve (MUBR).


This initiative is the result of the 2015-2020 government  sustainable development strategy which promotes volontary actions from citizens and businesses.


At Granijem, our team believe in the purpose of the approach proposed by MUBR by integrating sustainable development values in every decisions we make.

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